Come and celebrate the 25th birthday of LLL!

Welcome to the web site of the conference in honour of the 25th birthday of the LLL algorithm, held in Caen, France, from June 29 to July 1, 2007.

The LLL paper has been published in 1982. The goal of the conference is to celebrate the 25th birthday of this fundamental paper. The conference will gather the creators of the algorithm together with many of the people who have participated in subsequent developments on algorithmic aspects, in computational number theory, cryptography, complexity theory,... The event is meant both for specialists and non-specialists who are willing to know more about the capabilities of algorithmic geometry of numbers.


Poster submission deadline May 1, 2007
Acceptance notification June, 1, 2007
Registration deadline June 15, 2007
Conference dates June 29 - July 1, 2007

Ecrypt meeting: an Ecrypt research meeting on Asymmetric Cryptanalysis will take place on Thursday 28 June 2007. See here for more information.



Caen is the main city of Normandy, about 200 kms West of Paris. Among others, Normandy is famous for its food and medieval and modern historic sites. More information on the site web page.



Organisation by GREYC (CNRS/University of Caen).

See the sponsors web page for detailed informations on the conference sponsors.

Close conferences

Rencontres Arithmétiques, Caen, June 26--27

Arith'18, Montpellier, June 25--27.

Journées Arithmétiques, Edimburgh, July 2--6

More information on the pipelining page.


We thank Laurent Imbert and Arnaud Tisserand to have let us recycle the source of the Arith'18 conference, Julien Clément for the logo, Davy Gigan for its highly technical help, and Richard Torenvliet and Peter van Emde Boas for the "rewrite of History".