Tentative Program

Friday, June 29, 2007

9:00 Opening - Registration

10:00 Polynomial Factorization and Lattices in the Very Early 1980s. Arjen Lenstra
The Early History of LLL. Hendrik Lenstra, Jr.
A tale of two papers. Peter van Emde Boas
László Lovász

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Hermite's constant and Lattice Algorithms
Phong Nguyen

14:30 Progress on LLL and Lattice Reduction
Claus P. Schnorr

16:00 Floating-Point LLL: Theoretical and Practical Aspects
Damien Stehlé

17:00 Poster Session

18:15 Departure to the Moulin de Bully

19h00 Local meeting with industrial partners

20h30 Dinner

Saturday, June 30, 2007

9:00 Selected Applications of LLL in Number Theory
Denis Simon

10h00 LLL: a Tool for Effective Diophantine Approximation
Guillaume Hanrot

11:30 The van Hoeij Algorithm to Factor Polynomials
Jürgen Klüners

12:45 Lunch

14:30 TBA. (Lattice Reduction Algorithms and Integer Linear Programming)
Karen Aardal and Friedrich Eisenbrand

15:30 Probabilistic Analyses of Lattice Reduction Algorithms
Brigitte Vallée

16:45 Departure to Bayeux or Arommanches

17:45 Visit of the Museum of the Bayeux Tapestry or ride in Arrommanches

20:00 Diner to the Hotel La Marine in Arromanches

Sunday, July 1, 2007

9:00 Using LLL-Reduction for Solving RSA and Factorization Problems: A survey
Alexander May

10:00 Practical lattice-based cryptography: NTRUEncrypt and NTRUSign
Nick Howgrave-Graham

11:30 Security Proofs Using Lattices
Craig Gentry

12:30 Lunch

14:15Cryptographic Functions from Worst-Case Complexity Assumptions
Daniele Micciancio

15:45On the Complexity of Lattice Problems for Polynomial Approximation Factors
Oded Regev